How to send fax online

Follow our tips to send your fax successfully.

Add the destination and see the cost

Make sure you have the correct working fax number for the destination and that a fax machine is available to receive your fax. You will be able to see the final price before you send the fax.

Add destination and see cost
Add details and upload files

Add your details

We need this information to be able to email you confirming the payment and that your file has been faxed. We will delete your details from our system as soon as your fax has been sent.

Upload your file(s)

Now upload the document(s) you would like to fax. Make sure they are in one of the following formats: PDF, DOC / DOCX (Microsoft Office) or ODT (OpenOffice).

Preview and organise pages

View each document exactly as it will be sent. Zoom in by clicking on each page.

Preview and organise pages
Drag and drop to reorder files

Drag and drop to reorder files

You can also delete pages and reorder them using 'drag and drop'.

Check details and pay for the fax

Review the destination details and your information before beginning the payment process. We will send you an email confirming that you have paid.

We send your fax!

Once your payment has been authorised and confirmed, your fax will be sent. We will then email you a delivery confirmation.

Check details and pay

It's easy to send an internet fax with!

Send a fax